ABB ACS355-03U-02A4-2+J400+K457+N826

ABB - ACS355-03U-02A4-2+J400+K457 - Motor & Control Solutions

ABB ACS355-03U-02A4-2+J400+K457, 230V, 3 Ph Input, 0.5 HP, 2.4 Amps, IP20, VFD

ABB - ACS355-03U-02A4-2+J400+K457+N828 - Motor & Control Solutions

ABB ACS355-03U-02A4-2+J400+K457+N828, 230V, 3 Ph Input, 0.5 HP, 2.4 Amps, IP20, VFD

Item Number ACS355-03U-02A4-2+J400+K457+N826
Part Number 3AUA0000175395
ABB ACS355-03U-02A4-2+J400+K457+N826, Machinery Drive, ACS355, 0.5 HP, Output Current: 2.4 A, 240 VAC, Voltage Range: 200-240V, UL TYPE OPEN (IP20), Cabinet-mounted, Advanced Panel, CANopen Adapter, High Speed Application, 3-Phase Input, 3-Phase Output, Frame: R0, Product HxWxD: 9.41 in x 2.76 in x 6.34 in, Product Weight: 2.6 lbs
Manufacturer ABB
Part Number 3AUA0000175395
Drive Series ACS355
HP (Max) 0.5
Input Phase 3
Input Voltage 200-240V
Output Phase 3
Output Voltage 200-240V
Amps (Max Load) 2.4
Enclosure IP20
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Estimated Weight 5.000
Marathon Motors
Control Panel
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