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State Motor and Control Blog

  • State Motor & Control Gets a Brand New Site

    State motor & controlWe here at State Motor & Control Solutions are excited to introduce our new website. With several improved features, users will be able to easily navigate the site and find and purchase their desired product. But don’t worry: while some things have changed, we’re still the same dedicated company that cares about you, our customer. Continue reading

  • Find Your Perfect Variable Speed AC Drive with KB Electronics

    State Motor and Control Solutions offers several types of KB Electronics variable speed AC drives that cater to your exact needs.  No matter how simple or challenging your application may be KB Electronics has an AC Drive solution. First, decide whether or not you want more control over your drive’s programming.  If the answer is yes, then you should consider one of KB Electronics’ digital drives. However, if your machine will run with a simple speed pot, consider a KB Electronic drive with an analog interface. Both of these versions are available with either NEMA 1 or NEMA 4X enclosures. Most of KB Electronics Variable Speed AC Drives are housed in NEMA 1 enclosures, meaning they are constructed for indoor use, but still provide personnel protection against hazardous parts. A NEMA 1 enclosure also protects the equipment from falling dirt or other potentially harmful objects commonly encountered indoors. If your machine is for outdoor use, you may consider KB Electronics’s KBAC Drive or KBDA Digital Drive. With NEMA 4X enclosures, these drives are protected from water damage, making them perfect for outdoor use. This includes unexpected rain, snow, splashing water, ice formation, or hose-directed water. Since many variable speed AC drives are used for intense jobs such as wastewater processing, building tunnels, mining, and oil drilling, the KB Electronics KBAC and KBDA drives are extremely popular. Lastly, consider what power requirements your variable speed AC drive must support. KB Electronics Variable Speed AC Drives are rated for both single phase and three phase power, as small as 1/8 horsepower, with varying maximum horsepower capabilities up to 5 hp. For more information about your options with KB Electronics variable speed AC drives, contact State Motor and Control Solutions today.

  • Choosing Between Baldor AC and DC Motors

    DC or “direct current” motor usage has been on the decline for many years and for several reasons.  The main reason for this shift is the difference in maintenance cost between a DC motor and an AC or “alternating current” motor. DC motors, due to their very nature, will require periodic maintenance (most notably brush replacement) as well as periodic maintenance to the commutator while AC Motors require very little to no maintenance. For years DC motors had the advantage over AC motors when it came to speed and torque control.  With new technologies such as AC Variable Frequency drives, those advantages have disappeared.  Additionally, the upfront cost of an AC motor is generally much less than that of a DC motor. Another reason for DC motors’ decline in popularity is due to the far more versatile nature of AC motors. Baldor AC motors have many applications in both commercial and industrial applications.  Unlike DC motors, AC motors raise and lower voltage without mechanical assistance via a rotating magnetic field. This means more efficient motors, which leads to more efficient machines. In fact, Baldor Industries is investing in research, such as synchronous reluctance motors and permanent-magnet rotor technology, to make AC motors even more effective. As industrial and commercial demand for higher efficiency levels rises, it’s important to trust a company that works hard to meet those demands. Choose from State Motor and Control’s single and 3-phase selection of Baldor products to find exactly the AC motor to meet your needs. Whether you’re running a machine press or pumping water, State Motor and Control Solutions has the solution for you.

  • Baldor is Improving Your AC and DC Gearmotors

    AC and DC gearmotors are essential for many machines that need to decrease motor speed while increasing a motor’s torque output. Conveyors, cranes, and other apparatuses require gearmotors for their simple design, which keeps engineering costs down. However, the process of decreasing speed and increasing torque causes a lot of heat output within the gear case, causing the oil to expand and fill up the gearmotor’s internal workings, and eventually causing enough pressure to explode the gearmotor. To solve this inevitable destruction, motor companies have found a few opportunities to keep the gear case cooler. In the past (and in the case of non-Baldor brands, currently), gearmotors had built-in vents that kept the gear case at a reasonable temperature. While this did solve the problem of over-heating, vents allowed air born pollutants and moisture to enter the gearmotor, contaminating the oil and thereby significantly shortening the gearmotor’s life span. The need for a vent also required careful placement of an AC or DC gearmotor, narrowing the mounting possibilities without relocating the vent. This extra attention can slow down the assembly process of any machine requiring an AC or DC gearmotor, and time is money. Luckily, Baldor has recently created a slew of new AC Gearmotor and DC Gearmotor designs. While State Motor and Control Solutions offers a wide range of AC and DC gearmotors from an expansive brand selection, you’d be hard pressed to find a better deal than with Baldor’s newly equipped styles. Among the numerous improvements, Baldor gearmotors now have a built-in Internal Expansion Bladder. While the name may sound disgusting, an Internal Expansion Bladder works like a little chamber that absorbs the pressure created by swelling oil. This change eliminates the need for a vent, meaning cleaner oil, a longer lifespan for your gear motor, and complete creative control during the gearmotor’s placement in a larger machine. While Baldor AC and DC gearmotors come equipped with an Internal Expansion Bladder in a wide variety of sizes and gear styles, Baldor is the only brand now offering this special gearmotor attribute. Contact State Motor and Control Solutions today to order your Baldor AC or DC gearmotor.

  • Booster Water Pump Duplex Panel from State Motor and Control Solutions

    There are many choices of pre-engineered Pump Control Panels on the market.  The problem with most of these is that they have limited functionality and are not easily adaptable to a user's unique application. State Motor & Control Solutions offers a  Pump Control Panel solution utilizing a PLC and Touch Screen that can be easily customizable to each Pumping Application.  Typically we can do this for the same cost as a pre-engineered solution but allow the end user unlimited operating functions and display options.  Every Pump Panel fabricated by State Motor & Control Solutions is customized for each unique pumping application. The Booster Pump Panel in the following video utilizes two ABB Variable Frequency Drives in conjunction with a customer supplied pressure feedback signal.  We are able to display nearly anything the customer wants displayed...such as Gallons per Minute (GPM), Pressure, Start/Stop's, Auto/Manual, etc. Please call State Motor & Control Solutions for all of your Pump Control Panel needs.  866-354-0063.

  • Find your Solution with ABB Variable Frequency Drives

    Keep your machines running smoothly with ABB Variable Frequency Drives from State Motor & Control Solutions. With abilities ranging from specific tasks to general purposes, ABB drives provide OEMs, system integrators, and panel builders with a solution to nearly any problem in a variety of industries, including food and beverage, material handling, and constant torque applications. Want to replace an existing starter? Invest in one of ABB’s micro drives. Need a drive that can adjust to a broad variety of voltage and energy requirements? Try the ACS 850 “High Overload” Variable Speed Drive. There are a wide variety of applications for ABB Drives. Recently, ABB’s ACS 800 Drives powered the Al Hoota cave train in Oman through electric propulsion. The train manufacturer was looking for a safe and comfortable way to transport visitors without disturbing the surrounding wildlife or detracting from the rider’s experience. The ABB solution was energy efficient, quiet, and included built in communication capabilities, allowing the drives to adjust their speed automatically, based on signals from the external pick up. ABB’s presence can be felt internationally, making it one of the most trusted companies in the world. Plus, all ABB Variable Frequency Drives are designed for easy installation, programing, and start up, making them some of the most user friendly drives on the market. State Motors & Control offers a variety of ABB Drives including standard ABB Drives ACS55, ACS150, and ACS550 as well as General Machinery ABB ACS355 Drives, High-Performance ABB ACS800 Drives, and ABB ACS310 General Purpose Drives. Our staff is professionally trained and eager to assist customers with troubleshooting, drive selection, applications and more. We also have an in-house panel shop to customize any ABB Drive Control panel to your exact specifications. Contact us today for more information.

  • Highlighting Safety and Innovation with ABB Breakers

    imagesIf you’re looking for a top-of-the-line, quality solution for standard plant protection or preservation of electrical machines including generators, motors and transformers, ABB circuit breakers are the products that fit your needs. Tmax moulded-case circuit breakers bring the highest level of performance that’s safer, more compact and easy to install. No matter what the application, these ABB breakers offer dependable solutions that are perfect for the secondary distribution of both direct and alternate current. There are 9 circuit breaker sizes offered in the Tmax group. The ABB Emax power breakers are effective for a variety of different usages. Safety is always a number one priority, that why we ensure that our SACE Emax breakers match the quality standards of the IEC947, EN 60947 and IEC 1000 Standards. In addition, these products come equipped with multiple safety locks and double insulation. Always staying on the cutting edge of the industry, ABB recently launched Emax 2, which is the first of its kind in low-voltage circuit breakers with the potential to cut C02 emissions by 4 million tons and reduce power by up to 15% when used instead of conventional breakers. These products work to effectively manage energy with a protection trip relay that constantly evaluates consumption and measures acceptable levels of power. It has the ability to switch on and off at different times to conserve energy consumption while sustaining functionality of related equipment. State Motor & Controls is always working to increase productivity and improve performance with the products we offer. We strive to keep safety, dependability and customer satisfaction as our top priorities, and that’s why we take pride in selling ABB products. ABB is a respected leader in power and automation technologies. For more information about our line of ABB Breakers, contact us today.

  • Build with the Best: ABB Starters

    marginIf you’re looking for a secure and dependable method for stopping and starting your motor driven systems and preventing overload, ABB Starters are the solution you need. For grouped motors, these manual starters offer premium motor protection and disconnect method in a much more convenient and compact way than that of conventional components. For single motor needs, ABB Starters offer an adjustable bi-metallic trip mechanism to protect against overload as obligated by the National Electrical Code, Article 430. State Motors and Control offers ABB’s wide range of motor starters, both enclosed and open type with UL/CSA Type 1, 12, 4X, 3R and explosion proof enclosures. NEMA Across the Line Starters and Combination starters offer features like simple coil change, screwdriver guide holes and additional auxiliary contact blocks in a compact design. Each manual motor starter has the ability to disconnect, switch and guard motor against phase failure, short circuit and thermal overload. ABB starters also come with a touch-safe design on all connection terminals. ABB is the frontrunner in motor technologies that allow customers in the industry to advance performance while diminishing their carbon footprint. State Motor Control specializes in motor controls, electric motors, belts, chains, electrical enclosures and much more. We sell only the most reliable products from the most trusted brands. We strive to offer the best parts at the best value so that our customers can easily build and maintain their mechanical and electrical systems.

  • Browning V Belt Tension Checking Procedure

    Proper tensioning of belts is very important to make sure your belt drive operates properly.  If a belt is too loose, it can slip.  If a belt is too tight, it will put pressure on the pulley and the bearings and can damage the drive.  While some people may check the tension by pushing on the belt, there is a tool to ensure that the belt is at the proper tension.  With a Browning V Belt tension checker, you can be sure your V Belt is at the proper tension. To use this tool, a person first needs to measure the distance between the centers of the two shafts.  From there, move the gasket on the tension checker to number of inches between the two centers.  Then, if you have two belts, push down one belt with the tool until the gasket lines up with the top of the second belt.  If you do not have a second belt, use a straight edge to line up the gasket with the straight edge.  Then, check the O-ring gasket at the other end to see where the pressure lines up.  You can then use a chart to check your specifications to ensure that the pressure is at the proper range. State Motor and Control Solutions provides all the components and tools needed to ensure that your Browning V Belt functions properly, making your drives more efficient and less prone to problems that can cause work stoppages or other time loss.  We also seek to be an informational resource for our customers, giving useful tips that can keep your drives running smoothly. State Motor and Control Solutions carries all the top lines of drive products, including Browning, ABB, Baldor, and KB Electronics.  To find the products you are looking for in-stock contact State Motor & Controls at 866.354.0063 today!

  • How ABB Contactors Work

    An ABB contactor is an electrically controlled switch used apply power to a power circuit.  Typically a contactor is controlled by a lower voltage circuit than that of the line voltage.  Contactors are found in many different electrical systems, such as HVAC systems, Pumping, Conveyors, Lighting Systems, and other applications.   A typical application might have a line voltage of 480 volts while the control circuit to operate the contactor might only be 115 volts. Inside the ABB contactor is a coil and a switching contacts.  As the voltage is applied to the coil, the contact is pulled in and allows the main voltage supply to travel through the contactor.  The control voltage can either be supplied manually (for instance via pushbutton) or remotely via a control voltage signal from another source.  A simple example of this would be your furnace/air conditioner.  When you adjust the thermostat inside it sends a control voltage signal telling the furnace/air conditioner to turn on or off according to the temperature in your house. ABB contactors are some of the most trusted in the business.  With roots dating back to the 1880s, this company has stood the test of time due to its quality and craftsmanship.  With over 145,000 employees in 100 different countries, this company truly is the worldwide leader in contactors, softstarters, circuit breakers, and controls.  Today, it continues to be one of the most innovative, dynamic manufacturers on the market. State Motor and Control is proud to offer a full line of these products at the best prices around.  With only the best names in electrical parts, State Motor and Control is your one-stop shop for electrical systems.  For over 60 years, customers have trusted us with their electrical needs.  Whether you are a maintenance, repair, or operations customer, an OEM customer, or an Institutional Customer, we have the parts to fit your needs.  To find out how we can help with your electrical and mechanical systems.  Contact us today 1.866.354.0063!  

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