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Baldor is Improving Your AC and DC Gearmotors

AC and DC gearmotors are essential for many machines that need to decrease motor speed while increasing a motor’s torque output. Conveyors, cranes, and other apparatuses require gearmotors for their simple design, which keeps engineering costs down. However, the process of decreasing speed and increasing torque causes a lot of heat output within the gear case, causing the oil to expand and fill up the gearmotor’s internal workings, and eventually causing enough pressure to explode the gearmotor. To solve this inevitable destruction, motor companies have found a few opportunities to keep the gear case cooler. In the past (and in the case of non-Baldor brands, currently), gearmotors had built-in vents that kept the gear case at a reasonable temperature. While this did solve the problem of over-heating, vents allowed air born pollutants and moisture to enter the gearmotor, contaminating the oil and thereby significantly shortening the gearmotor’s life span. The need for a vent also required careful placement of an AC or DC gearmotor, narrowing the mounting possibilities without relocating the vent. This extra attention can slow down the assembly process of any machine requiring an AC or DC gearmotor, and time is money. Luckily, Baldor has recently created a slew of new AC Gearmotor and DC Gearmotor designs. While State Motor and Control Solutions offers a wide range of AC and DC gearmotors from an expansive brand selection, you’d be hard pressed to find a better deal than with Baldor’s newly equipped styles. Among the numerous improvements, Baldor gearmotors now have a built-in Internal Expansion Bladder. While the name may sound disgusting, an Internal Expansion Bladder works like a little chamber that absorbs the pressure created by swelling oil. This change eliminates the need for a vent, meaning cleaner oil, a longer lifespan for your gear motor, and complete creative control during the gearmotor’s placement in a larger machine. While Baldor AC and DC gearmotors come equipped with an Internal Expansion Bladder in a wide variety of sizes and gear styles, Baldor is the only brand now offering this special gearmotor attribute. Contact State Motor and Control Solutions today to order your Baldor AC or DC gearmotor.