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Booster Water Pump Duplex Panel from State Motor and Control Solutions

There are many choices of pre-engineered Pump Control Panels on the market.  The problem with most of these is that they have limited functionality and are not easily adaptable to a user's unique application. State Motor & Control Solutions offers a  Pump Control Panel solution utilizing a PLC and Touch Screen that can be easily customizable to each Pumping Application.  Typically we can do this for the same cost as a pre-engineered solution but allow the end user unlimited operating functions and display options.  Every Pump Panel fabricated by State Motor & Control Solutions is customized for each unique pumping application. The Booster Pump Panel in the following video utilizes two ABB Variable Frequency Drives in conjunction with a customer supplied pressure feedback signal.  We are able to display nearly anything the customer wants displayed...such as Gallons per Minute (GPM), Pressure, Start/Stop's, Auto/Manual, etc. Please call State Motor & Control Solutions for all of your Pump Control Panel needs.  866-354-0063.