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Find your Solution with ABB Variable Frequency Drives

Keep your machines running smoothly with ABB Variable Frequency Drives from State Motor & Control Solutions. With abilities ranging from specific tasks to general purposes, ABB drives provide OEMs, system integrators, and panel builders with a solution to nearly any problem in a variety of industries, including food and beverage, material handling, and constant torque applications. Want to replace an existing starter? Invest in one of ABB’s micro drives. Need a drive that can adjust to a broad variety of voltage and energy requirements? Try the ACS 850 “High Overload” Variable Speed Drive. There are a wide variety of applications for ABB Drives. Recently, ABB’s ACS 800 Drives powered the Al Hoota cave train in Oman through electric propulsion. The train manufacturer was looking for a safe and comfortable way to transport visitors without disturbing the surrounding wildlife or detracting from the rider’s experience. The ABB solution was energy efficient, quiet, and included built in communication capabilities, allowing the drives to adjust their speed automatically, based on signals from the external pick up. ABB’s presence can be felt internationally, making it one of the most trusted companies in the world. Plus, all ABB Variable Frequency Drives are designed for easy installation, programing, and start up, making them some of the most user friendly drives on the market. State Motors & Control offers a variety of ABB Drives including standard ABB Drives ACS55, ACS150, and ACS550 as well as General Machinery ABB ACS355 Drives, High-Performance ABB ACS800 Drives, and ABB ACS310 General Purpose Drives. Our staff is professionally trained and eager to assist customers with troubleshooting, drive selection, applications and more. We also have an in-house panel shop to customize any ABB Drive Control panel to your exact specifications. Contact us today for more information.