WEG Electric Soft Starters

Designed to deliver the best performance no matter your application, WEG Electric soft starters and accessories provide an efficient method for starting, stopping, and protecting your motors. You'll find a wide selection of inventory in-stock at State Motor & Control – and if we don't have it in our online catalog, our expert support team can find it for you! Whether you need a soft starter that offers good overload capacity or are focused on a complete, low-cost solution, we have a WEG Electric soft starter that can do the job.

State Motor & Control Solutions is an authorized WEG Electric distributor and warranty service center, and our team of trained and experienced experts can work with you to get your equipment up and running. In addition to our great selection of WEG soft starters, we carry keypad and communication cables, remote keypad kits, communication kits, IP20 kits, and more. Call us at (866) 354-0063 if you need any assistance in finding the part you need or determining which part is right for you.

Need a complete custom control panel solution? State Motor & Control has an in-house UL508 Panel Shop! Call us today.