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Siemens MP25015, BREAKER (2)15A 1P/(1)50A 2P 10K MH-T

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Siemens Q23030CT, BREAKER (2)30A 1P/(1)30A 2P 10K QT

Item Number MP25020
Part Number MP25020
Siemens MP25020, Siemens Low Voltage Residential Circuit Breakers Miniature Thermal Mag Circuit Breakers - Duplex, Triplex, Quadplex Are Circuit Protection Load Center Mains, Feeders, And Miniature Circuit Breakers. Type Mh-T, Triplex Features 1/2 In W-Per-Pole Construction , Center Common Trip Wire Size 8-6 Awg Cu, 8-4 Awg Al Std Ul Listed, Csa Certified, Swd, Hacr Rated V. Rating 120/240 A. Rating (2) 1-Pole 20Amp, (1) 2-Pole 50 Amp Interrupt Rating 10 Number Of Poles 3 L 3/1/2008 W 2 H 3Operating Temperature 40
Manufacturer Siemens
Part Number MP25020
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Estimated Weight 1.00
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