Browning V-Belts & V-Belt Pulleys

The world leader in V-belt drives, you'll find a wide selection of Browning V-belts and pulleys that give you maximum service life and excellent performance at State Motor & Control. Choose from a variety of options depending on your power transmission needs: classic V-belts like the A and B for greater flexibility for smaller diameter sheaves; the AX and BX for greater efficiency; 3L, 4L, and 5L for low horsepower applications; or 3V, 5V, and 8V belts, which offer an expanded temperature range. These belts operate with a variety of Browning pulleys, including a fixed pitch, variable pitch, and single- or multi-groove sheave.

State Motor & Control Solutions has been a leading stocking Browning distributor for over 40 years, carrying the complete line of Browning V-belts, pulleys, and sheaves. Whether you need a specific trusted V-belt for your drive or need to know more about the different Browning sheaves available, our team can help you find what you need. Take a look at our large Browning pulley catalog today, and let us know if we can assist you with your V-belt drive applications. Our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the right V-belt solution for your project, whether it is a new application or you need to change the speed on an existing belt drive application. And because we have such a large stock of Browning V-belts and sheaves available to us, we can offer same day shipping on most products.

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