V-Belts & V-Belt Pulleys

V-Belt and V-Belt Pulleys

In the early days of automation, the V-Belt was developed to increase accuracy and torque transmission from the crankshaft to rotating assemblies. It is a mechanical linkage with a cross-section and has a shape that emulates an isosceles trapezoid. V-Belts provide impeccable speed, traction, load capabilities, and extended service life.

V-Belt Pulleys are used to transmit power between axles by using the V-Belt. Their function is solely to transfer power between the two parallel axles. There are many different sizes and types of V Belt Pulleys to choose from depending on your specific application.

With its complementing pulley, the V-Belt creates a streamlined belt drive. The devices are resistant to slipping and misalignment, creating a reliable high-speed power transmission solution.

With reliable brands like Continental, Maurey Manufacturing, and Browning, State Motor has a wide variety of V-Belts and V-Belt Pulleys to choose from.