AC & DC Drives

AC/DC Drives

Drives are used to control the speed and motion of an electric motor. They provide the essential function of providing the precise amount of electric energy to the motor so that its speed matches what is required by its process exactly. There are two main categories of electric drives, AC drives and DC drives.

Alternating Current Drives operate by converting the AC supply to DC then using a rectifier to invert it back to AC to control the speed of the motor. Typically, AC drives are used to control the motion of the AC motor.

Direct Current Drives only convert AC supply to DC to run the DC motors by using a converter circuit based on the rectifier. Primarily, DC drives are used to control the speed of DC motors.

AC and DC drives are available in a wide variety of frame sizes and horsepower ratings. With brands like ABB, Baldor Electric, Bodine Electric, KB Electric, WEG, and Yaskawa, State Motor is a one stop shop to find AC and DC Drives to cover any size industrial process.