Transformers and Reactors

A transformer is an electrical device that transforms electrical energy from one circuit to another without changing the frequency using electromagnetic induction. Usually, this energy transfer takes place with a change of voltage and current.

Transformers are used to meet a wide variety of application needs. They can be several stories high, like the type found at a generating station or small enough to hold in your hand. No matter what the shape or size, a transformer's main function is transforming electrical power from one type to another.

Line Reactors are inductive filters. They are usually connected between the AC line source and the input of a drive. Their purpose is to minimize electrical noise like voltage spikes and reduce power line distortion from VFD’s. If the line reactor is installed on the load side of the drive, it is called a load reactor. Load reactors can act as a DV/DT filter and protect the motor from fast-rising voltage pulses.

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