Power Supplies

Power Supplies

A power supply is an electrical device that supplies power to an electrical load. They're designed to draw currents from an input power source like main power lines, fuel cells, and generators. Power supplies are made to convert this power and deliver the correct voltage, current, and frequency to the load. They can be standalone or built into the load they power.

Power supply units can deliver AC or DC power, convert from one signal to the other, and regulate current, voltage, and frequency. They can also provide overload protection and provide an uninterruptible source of power in the event of lost source power.

Ethernet switches are used in wired networks to connect wired devices across a network. Your home’s wifi router provides the same function as an ethernet switch but for wireless devices.

In the industrial setting, wired is preferred over wireless due to its reliability and higher speeds. Using an ethernet switch has many benefits like supporting hundreds of devices, keeping traffic from interfering, controlling access to different parts of the network, monitoring usage, and faster speeds across the internet.

State Motor has an impressive variety of Power Supplies and Ethernet Switches to fit your specific application from reliable brands like ABB, Micron, and Siemens.