Siemens Circuit Protection

Trusted, safe, and reliable, Siemens circuit breakers, disconnect switches, and other circuit protection products can mean the difference between keeping your equipment and people safe and a dangerous situation. You'll find a wide inventory of Siemens circuit protection products at State Motor & Control Solutions, including 1000+ miniature circuit breakers and dozens of fusible and non-fusible safety switches. As an authorized Siemens distributor, you can feel confident that we have authentic, high quality Siemens breakers and other circuit protection components.

In addition to our huge inventory of Siemens circuit protection products, you'll always get skilled, trained, and responsive service from State Motor & Control. Our team knows what they're talking about, and we can help you find the right parts whether you're repairing a piece of equipment or building something new. And if you don't see the Siemens breakers or disconnects that you need in our online catalog, give us a call at (866) 354-0063 and we'll find it for you. We always respond quickly because we know that downtime is money lost. Be sure to check out our UL508 Panel Shop for a complete custom Control Panel Solution!