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Siemens E1SHLD62B600, BREAKER ENC1S 2P 600A 600V 35KA

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Siemens E1SFXD62B250, BREAKER ENC1S 2P 250A 600V 22KA FXD

Item Number E1SSJD69200G
Part Number E1SSJD69200G
Siemens E1SSJD69200G, Siemens Low Voltage Enclosed Sentron Molded Case Circuit Breaker (Assembled) With Solid State Sensitrip Iii Electronic Trip Unit. 200A 3-Pole 600V Standard 40 Deg C Breaker Jd Frame With Standard Breaking Capacity (Sjd69200G). Non-Interchangeable Lig Trip Unit. Nema Type 1 Enclosure Surface Mounted (J6N1). Order Neutral (W60992). Includes Line And Load Side Lugs (Ta2J6500) Wire Range 3/0Awg - 500Kcmil (Cu) / 4/0Awg - 500Kcmil (Al). Enclosure Dimensions (W X H X D) In 22.42 X41.19 X 10.70.
Manufacturer Siemens
Part Number E1SSJD69200G
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Estimated Weight 106.80
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